Internacional (Marketwired, 05 de Agosto de 2013) The North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP) Charitable Fund has been awarded a grant from the Helen Irwin Littauer Educational Trust, Bank of America, N.A., to support the launch of the North Texas Diabetes Intervention Project. North Texans are increasingly feeling the effects of type 2 diabetes as more than 500,000 people in the DFW area suffer from the disease, and thousands may have diabetes and not know it. Diabetes is expected to rise faster in Dallas-Fort Worth than in the rest of the nation, according to a recent study in the journal Population Health Management (

Diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes cases locally are expected to rise 78 percent between 2010 to 2025, when the total is projected to exceed 1.5 million cases. The national caseload is expected to be more than 53 million in 2025 — a 64 percent increase. 

The North Texas Diabetes Intervention Project, conducted under the auspices of the NTSP Charitable Fund, will strive to bring about the much needed change in attitudes and behaviors that will reverse this devastating health trend through targeted education and intervention sessions with a Diabetes Educator.

"The NTSP Charitable Fund is committed to improving patient care and educating our community on serious health-related topics," said Regina L. Sobieski, director at the NTSP Charitable Fund. "This grant allows our community members to learn new tools and techniques for managing their diabetes and improving communication with their physicians, which should result in improved patient care."

Much of the health and economic burden of diabetes-related complications can be averted through known prevention and treatment measures. To live well, people with diabetes and their loved ones need accurate information, proper instructions, and the access to support from health care providers.

"This project is being initiated because our health care providers have seen increases in diabetic patients who are not compliant in managing their diabetes, often due to lack of education," says Karen Van Wagner Ph.D., Executive Director of NTSP group. "The North Texas Diabetes Intervention Project program offers hope to improve upon the current approaches to behavioral and attitudinal change when managing diabetes."

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The North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP) Charitable Fund was created in 2009 as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization to provide financial and physical support for medically underprivileged individuals in North Texas. The NTSP Charitable Fund collaborates with institutions that provide free and/or low-cost medical screenings, preventative care, and primary care. The primary goal of the NTSP Charitable Fund is to build a healthier North Texas by strengthening patient and physician relationships; educating North Texans about health risks and the medical and health services available to them; and improving access to services.

It accomplishes this goal by driving innovations in the coordination and integration of safe and effective patient care in the North Texas Region. For more information, please call the North Texas Specialty Physicians Charitable Fund at 817-529-8239 or visit


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