Internacional (Marketwired, 02 de Agosto de 2013) Lineatabs,, a best-selling European weight-management product being introduced in the United States this year, won a top award at July's ECRM MarketGate trade show in Scottsdale.Retailers at the show voted Lineatabs and its maker, Apax Business Development, "best prepared to go to market" — an enthusiastic endorsement of everything from the product itself to its marketing materials and website, packaging and in-store displays.

Lineatabs narrowly missed winning the award for Most Innovative Product, said Apax founder and CEO Sebastian Hebbelinck.

"It's a huge competition and we're very proud and excited to have won on our first trip to the show," Hebbelinck said. "Every retailer was so excited about Lineatabs. We came away buried in vendor agreements."

Apax has since closed deals to put Lineatabs in GNC, Kroger, Vitamin World and Vitamin Shoppe stores, and and

Lineatabs is a fat-binder that utilizes an innovative, far more effective delivery system than other products that remove excess fat from the digestive process. Lineatabs dissolve in water to become an effervescent citrus flavored beverage, which users consume before eating a fatty meal. Since the fibers in Lineatabs are not compressed into a capsule, they're immediately available to bind with fats, turning them into an indigestible liquid mass.

"They've been a best-seller in Europe for 11 years," Hebbelinck says. "People there make Lineatabs part of their lifestyle — they carry their Lineatabs with them just as they would their phone."

Retailers at the ECRM show were excited about the new delivery system, the eye-catching packaging and, frankly, Apax' honest approach to marketing, Hebbelinck says.

"We're big advocates of losing weight through lifestyle changes — diet and exercise. There's no magic pill to change that," Hebbelinck says. "What Lineatabs does is boost the effectiveness of your diet plan or, if you're at a healthy weight, it allows you to occasionally indulge in that pizza without weight gain."

About Sebastien Hebbelinck

Sebastien Hebbelinck is founder and CEO of Apax Business Development, a 21-year-old company that has experienced major success in Europe with the dietary supplement called Lineatabs. The product contains Solusitan, an all-natural fat-binding complex contained in an effervescent tablet that dissolves in water. Users consume the citrus-flavored beverage before of during a fatty meal. Hebbelinck is an internationally recognized business entrepreneur who has been active in the nutraceutical industry for more than two decades.


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