Internacional (Marketwired, 05 de Agosto de 2013) Paul Allen may be known best as the cofounder of Microsoft and for his current philanthropic efforts, but in an exclusive interview in the September/October 2013 issue of Guitar Aficionado magazine, the multi-billionaire reveals his musical aspirations and passion for the guitar. In addition to discussing the major-label debut album from his group Paul Allen and the Underthinkers, Everywhere at Once, Allen talks about his impressive guitar collection, which includes iconic, historically important instruments previously owned by Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton."There is a similarity between collecting guitars and collecting art," Allen says in the interview. "You shouldn't buy a guitar or a painting that doesn't speak to you in some way. With a lot of art, you can see it for the hundredth or thousandth time and it still speaks to you. It's the same thing with a guitar that you like to play."

Although the majority of Allen's most impressive guitar acquisitions are on display at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, the landmark rock and roll/pop culture museum that he launched in 2000, he also owns a variety of guitars for personal use with his band, many of which were gifts from rock and roll royalty, including Bono, Peter Gabriel, George Harrison, and Carlos Santana. In the interview, Allen talks candidly about the recording projects and jam sessions he has enjoyed with many of his famous friends, revealing a rock and rock heart beneath his entrepreneur/investor public persona.

"In high school, two things were central to my interest," Allen says. "One was programming, which I got completely hooked on. The other was guitar playing. I've been fortunate in my life to play with some of the greatest guitarists and rock and roll musicians ever. It was an amazing thrill to have some of them play on the album."

With an estimated net worth of $15 billion, which has earned him the No. 20 spot on the current Forbes 400 Richest People in America list, Allen is by far the wealthiest guitar collector to appear in the pages of Guitar Aficionado magazine. The exclusive interview sheds new light on the motivations that drive and inspire one of America's most fascinating yet private billionaires.

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