Internacional (Marketwired, 06 de Agosto de 2013) Editors Note: There is an image associated with this press release.Vancouver digital agency KIMBO Design Inc. has just launched the rebranding and website design for their building sustainability client Kane Consulting. The new brand presents a modern, professional image with a look and feel that evokes sustainability. The KIMBO Design team applied the new branding to the design and development of a responsive website that showcases this growing team of LEED consultants.

With an impressive list of projects, a rapidly growing team and expanded service offerings, Kane Consulting needed a rebranding to present themselves as one of the leading sustainable building design consulting companies. They needed a fresh look and feel that would position their brand to attract a new audience – one comprised of architects, building developers and property managers. Impressed with KIMBO Design's body of work as well as their implementation of sustainable design, Kane engaged the Vancouver agency to help them enhance the Kane brand.

The KIMBO Design team worked with Kane's existing colour palette and modernized the logo. They simplified the typography to enhance readability and stylized the tree icon to represent sustainability.

In designing the website, KIMBO Design applied stunning widescreen imagery of Kane's most impressive buildings. The home page image changes whenever the screen is refreshed to portray the full scope of Kane's projects, ranging from institutional to community buildings.

"By providing us with excellent design expertise and guidance on web functionality, the team helped us turn our vision of a new brand and website into a reality," says Joe Stano, Partner at Kane Consulting.

KIMBO Design also developed the website using responsive design – a web design approach the team is rapidly becoming known for in the industry.

"Responsive design allows the website to adapt to all mobile devices," says Kim Pickett, Principal / Creative Director of KIMBO Design Inc. "It's a design solution we have incorporated into our strategy for all the websites we develop. As users transition away from desktop internet browsers, it is critical for clients to maintain their online presence across all browsing devices."

Kane Consulting's new website provides users with a mobile option that shifts the design focus from power-hungry desktops to smaller, more efficient mobile devices. The KIMBO Design team also programmed the desktop version using efficient HTML5 and CSS3 code, which avoids downloading bitmaps and rich media each time a page loads.

The development team implemented user experience strategies to help visitors complete tasks faster. This creates a smaller internet footprint. They also optimized the website for search engines, which reduces the power needed to index the site and increases its sustainability.

The creative collaboration proved to be sustainable both online and offline, complementing both companies' brand values.

About KIMBO Design

KIMBO Design Inc. is a digital agency that has been in business for more than 12 years. We specialize in graphic design, integrated communications and marketing for web and print. As an award winning creative agency, KIMBO Design is dedicated to encouraging engagement and enhancing comprehension through visual storytelling. With our clean, modern and minimalist signature style, we produce innovative, effective and sustainable creative.

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About Kane Consulting

Kane Consulting is a team of sustainability consultants specializing in helping to build and operate better, smarter buildings. By utilizing the benefits of location, passive strategies and technology, individual buildings and communities improve their use of natural resources and in turn, reduce their environmental footprint.

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