Internacional (Marketwired, 13 de Agosto de 2013) Zipping up new backpacks, folding new clothes, sharpening pencils — it must be back to school time! Before your kids wave goodbye and board those big yellow school buses, go over these safety tips to make 2013 a worry-free year:Set door codes. If your kids come home to an empty house or a babysitter, consider changing your standard door locks to keypads to avoid the risk of lost or forgotten keys. Unique codes show when people enter and exit instantly on your smartphone, so you can keep track of kids, nannies and anyone else with access to your home.
Have older kids (siblings or neighbors) teach the younger kids safety basics before school starts. Children listen to their peers more than they listen to adults and asking older kids to take a leadership role through explanation refreshes their memory of the simple rules at the same time. 
Install door cameras to prevent surprise visitors. Your kids never have to open the door when they're alone with these cameras because you will be able to monitor package drop-offs and other activity. Motion-activated cameras can immediately alert you when anyone comes to your house.
If your kids are of driving age, use a garage door sensor to make sure they get home before curfew.
Check who's home through smartphone-controlled indoor cameras. With pan and tilt cameras that live-stream video to your smartphone, ensure that the babysitter isn't sleeping on the couch and that your kids didn't bring friends back unannounced.

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