Internacional (Marketwired, 08 de Agosto de 2013) Will Enable Sustainable, Low-Carbon, Green Concrete Construction in More Than 60 CountriesCeraTech Inc., the industry's leading producer of durable, high performance, carbon neutral cements for concrete, announced today an agreement to expand operations into the Middle East and Africa.

CeraTech Inc. has entered into a license agreement with CeraTech ME&A, Ltd., a newly formed, separately owned and operated company, in which CeraTech Inc. grants ME&A the exclusive rights to manufacture, market, and sell CeraTech's highly durable and environmentally-friendly cements. As the licensor, CeraTech will provide technical support and ongoing product development and research to ME&A.

According to Jon Hyman, CEO of CeraTech Inc., "Establishing an independent licensing agreement in the Middle East and Africa is an important step for our company." Hyman added, "ME&A has the ability to provide what is essentially a zero carbon construction material to fast growing markets in countries outside the United States."

CeraTech Inc. offers 3 different brands of cement systems: ekkomaxx™, a general-purpose cement, KEMROK™, an acid and corrosion resistant cement, and FIREROK™, a brand for exceptionally high heat and thermal resistance.

CERATECH™ cements offer distinct advantages in terms of performance, durability, and sustainability. Third-party laboratory results from life cycle testing demonstrate that CERATECH™ cement concrete has a life cycle more than twice that of conventional portland cement concrete.

Environmental and sustainable construction benefits were also a key consideration in the formation of ME&A. CERATECH™ cement is manufactured utilizing virtually 100% recycled materials. The cement incorporates 95% recycled fly ash and 5% proprietary liquid additives. According to Laurent Delifer, CEO of CeraTech ME&A, Ltd., "CeraTech technology is uniquely positioned to meet the high growth demand for construction materials in the Middle East and Africa regions. Our product satisfies both government and private corporation concerns for sustainability and meets the stringent standards set by oil and gas companies."

Delifer continued, "Countries in our markets are at the very early stage of establishing green building practices. The ability to offer cement with a virtually zero carbon footprint and that uses much less water gives us a very strong competitive advantage as well. We will be working closely with current cement producers and key players in the ecosystem to establish markets throughout the Middle East and Africa."

About CeraTech Inc.:
Founded in 2001, CeraTech Inc. has successfully pioneered and commercialized the industry's first sustainable, durable, and high performance non-portland cements. CeraTech's cement systems produce a range of fast drying, corrosion, and heat resistant concretes with a carbon neutral footprint. CeraTech's locations include a R&D center in Baltimore, MD, executive offices in Alexandria, VA, and field sales and service offices throughout the United States. More information about CERATECH™ cement can be found at:

About CeraTech ME&A Ltd.:
CeraTech ME&A is focused on introducing and developing CeraTech's next-generation, sustainable, green cement technology in the GCC, East Mediterranean and Africa regions.

CeraTech technology is a revolutionary carbon-neutral, green and high performance cement technology that utilizes no portland cement, nor does it require extensive amounts of raw minerals and energy resources to produce.

CeraTech ME&A Ltd. has its regional headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, with presence in Geneva, Switzerland, and Washington, DC, USA; with plans to establish offices in the GCC.

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